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Vaishnavi Infratech Services Pvt. Ltd.  an ISO 9001:2008 certified multidisciplinary engineering consultancy firm offers comprehensive consultancy services (concept to commissioning) including feasibility studies, survey & soil investigations, designs & detailed engineering, procurement, project management, review & quality auditing, monitoring & evaluation, technical assistance & capacity building, financial management (PPP), statutory approval for architectural, civil and infrastructure development works.

1. Feasibility Studies / PPTA :

  • Preliminary survey / studies

  • Economic viability

  • Technology application / adaptation

  • Market analysis

  • Resource planning

  • Implementation (Schedule)

  • SWOT analysis

Carried out Feasibility Studies / PPTA for

    Roads &Bridges, Urban Transport 

2. Survey & Soil Investigations :


Consultancy services for topographical survey covers capturing of topographical features,

spot levels, contours and services etc.  Soil investigations (Geo-technical engineering)

covers strata details, soil conditions, field and laboratory tests to provide required input for

infrastructure development and designs.

Carried out Survey & Soil Investigations for

    Roads & Bridges, Urban Transport

3. Designs & Detailed Engineering :

(Civil /Structural / HVAC / MEP)

Planning, designing and detailed engineering for architectural, civil, interior,

structural, water supply & plumbing works, sewerage, rainwater harvesting,

electrical, mechanical, HVAC, landscaping, arboriculture, etc Standard Engineering

Details (SED) / detailed engineering for urban infrastructure development including

water supply & sewerage system, irrigation works etc.

Offering Designs Detailed Engineering services for

    Roads & Bridges, Urban Transport

4. Procurement & Bid Management :

Consultancy services for procurement of civil construction works & infrastructure

development works, equipments, machineries, furniture, etc., in accordance with

World Bank / ADB Guidelines / CVC norms etc. Services offered is inclusive but not limited to 

  • Preparation of procurement packages in the prescribed formats

  • Preparation of technical specifications conforming to IS, BIS and other international standards

  • Prequalification, EOI, RFP etc.

  • Evaluation of bid documents and selection of contractors / vendors

  • Co-ordination of procurement from shipment to commissioning.

Offering Procurement & Bid Management services for

    Roads & Bridges, Urban Transport


5. Project Management / Services :


Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services for various civil / infrastructure development

works including but not limited to

  • Evaluation of bid document and selection of contractors

  • Supervision of construction works as per drawings, specifications and contract documents

  • Preparation of implementation schedule using CPM / PERT tools

  • Verification of layout of all structures with equipment

  • Preparation of additional drawings and sketches required for execution

  • Quality assurance & quality control services on materials and workmanship.

  • Progress Report in MS Projects format

  • Measurement, verification and certification of contractors bills etc.

  • Assist contract management, resolution of disputes, extension of time.  

  • Assist in testing, trial run & commissioning.

  • Assist in preparation of 'as built' drawing, taking over and closeout report.

  • Post construction services during defect liability period.

Offering Project Management Consultancy Services for

    Roads & Bridges, Urban Transport

Fixing of coordinates using GPS

Survey using Total Station

Survey using Total Station

Machinery Layout of a Factory Building

Feasibility Studies / PPTA
Survey & Soil Investigations
Procurement & Bid Management
Designs & Detailed Engineering
Project Management / Services
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